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Massive thankyou too Matt, who enabled me to pass my test first time!!! I know I was hard work so thank you for putting up with me and encouraging me all the way!!!:) was always nervous driving but Matt assured me I wouldn't break his car or anyone else for that matter! Highly recommend for those who are looking to learn to drive!:) thankyou once again!!!:))))

driving school warrington


Matt was a great driving instructor. I enjoyed my lessons and feel I improved quickly. He made the basics and the maneuvers easy to learn and pick up. Everything was covered and practised until it was perfect.

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after using many other instructors who had left me disheartened about driving. Matt was very calm and a brilliant instructor! I passed today and know I couldn't have done it without his teaching! Thank you Matt! Liz

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Thank you to Matt for getting me passed my test 1st time. well chuffed.

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As a driving instructor I thought Matt was very clear, calm and reliable. Each lesson provided something new, making your lessons fun and something to look forwards to every week. All lessons felt relaxed, with Matt never getting stressed or impatient no matter how many times your stalled or made silly mistakes, he provided clear instructions and gave you the confidence to continue. Due to the great teaching I was able to pass in under 20 lessons, and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to take lessons.

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Hi Mathew, I thought you were a very proffesional instructor, who is very easy to get along with and easy to approach. I think the way you teach things (e.g. reverse around corner) is better than other instructors, you are patient and are willing to change tactic. I was really pleased with the fact you taught me due to your very easy going attitude which made me feel at ease as well, something that I think learners need.

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You could not ask for a more from a driving instructor Matt is very professional and knows what he is talking about every lesson I learned something new to add to my driving experience. I always felt at ease with Matt as he's a genuine honest bloke and I always felt like he was trying to get the best out of me even though I was very nervous at first. I passed my practicle test first time also in the space of 5 months. Im certain anyone who chooses Matt as an instructor will be 100% satisfied that they have choose the right one I can't thank you enough Matt I'm well pleased Andy.



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Matt was a patient instructor explaining every aspect of the subject we were looking at each week. It was a relaxed experience and we did drive for nearly all of the lesson only stopping to explain details when needed. From my 1st lesson till I passed I only had about 20 lessons he was a great instructor I will be recommending to my friends.

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Thanks matt just the result i was looking for.

driving school warrington


After having a few driving lessons with a different instructor over a year ago, I felt like every lesson was the same and I was not enjoying it as much so I gave it up for abit, but then a friend recommended Matt to me having passed with him herself, and since I started my lessons again Matt has been brilliant, I have so much more confidence now and I've enjoyed every lesson, I would definitely recommend Matt to anybody wanting to learn. I passed my test first time this morning and could not be happier - can't thank you enough!! :D.


driving school warrington


'Matt is an excellent driving instructor. He made me feel at ease straight away. Very patient and understanding. I was a very nervous student and believed I was going to fail my test, but he reassured me that I could do it and I did! He takes his time to explain every aspect of driving thoroughly, and goes through it as many times as needed until it is fully understood. He is a very easy going person and makes the daunting idea of learning to drive a fun experience. I highly recommend him to anybody wishing to take driving lessons.'

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Would like to say a huge thank you to matt, he's such a nice person to get along with all the lessons are fun, enjoyed, well explained and easily achieved when taking advice on board, I never would of thought in just a few months after starting my lessons I would be shortly attempting my driving test only felt a few weeks back I only just started. Can't recommend Matt enough.

driving school warrington


Matt, thank you soooo much for putting up with me and enabling me to pass 1st time with 2 minors. I am absolutely over the moon. Woo hoo! "AWESOME INSTRUCTOR!".



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Huge thank you to Matt for patience and support helping me make it through my driving test.

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I thought Matt was a great instructor, good to get along with and taught it really well. Really enjoyed learning with you.

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I've had a fantastic experience with Matt! I started lesson in August 2014 and passed 1st time 7th April 2015!!. I would highly recommend Matt, my instructor, who was incredibly patient and an excellent teacher! Thank you so much Matt!











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